Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Vibrant Colours + A Special Guest

Hi! Today I thought I would introduce you all to a very important person, or in this case animal, in my life. My puppy! Technically she's not a puppy anymore but she's so small that I think I can call her that and get away with it. Her name is Cammy and she's a 6 year old cocker spaniel-poodle mix. She has become quite a poser over the last six years and sometimes I think she believes that she's actually a cat. Moving onto other things, today I wore a dress as a skirt which is something I've been doing a lot lately. I think I like wearing dresses the most because they're simple and if you're having a bit of a lazy day you can throw on a dress with a nice pattern or shape and look like you put in way more effort getting ready than you actually did. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Elizabeth xx
Sweater: Gap; Dress (worn as skirt): Garage; Tights: unknown; Boots: Aldo

Saturday, 23 February 2013

All Black

Hi there! There is a slight lack of pictures/variety in pictures today, mostly due to the fact that it was FREEZING outside. It was a miracle I didn't get stuck frozen in one spot while we were taking these pictures. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

Elizabeth xx

Blouse: Topshop; Sweater: Topshop; Pants: Topshop; Necklace: Topshop; Boots: Aldo

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blue Velvet

Hi there! The past couple of days have been really exciting for me. I got accepted to a university in England for a fashion merchandising program and yesterday I bought my prom dress!! For anyone that read my very first blog post you will know that living in England is kind of a dream that I have, so being accepted to a school there was very exciting for me. I'm also ridiculously excited for prom so I was so excited to buy my dress. Today I wore these royal blue velvet pants, which was one of my favourite winter trends, with this beaded jumper from Topshop. My favourite part of the jumper is the beaded collar, it adds that little bit of sparkle so you don't have to dig through your jewellery box to find the perfect necklace. Until next time!

Elizabeth xx
Jumper: Topshop; Pants: Gap; Boots: Aldo

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Green Pants

Hi there! So I actually wore this outfit a couple of days ago but I didn't get a chance to make a post as I had a math test to study for the next day (boo school). I think it's time to throw these pants in the dryer because they have stretched out so much. However I loved the forest green colour with the cream colour of the top so I wore them anyway and dealt with the discomfort. Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

Elizabeth xx
Blouse: Topshop; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentines day lovelies! As you can see I decided to dive head first into the Valentine theme and wear red, white and pink from head to toe. (Excluded the boots but I have to survive Canadian winters so I think I'm justified.) Despite the fact that I am, and always have been, single on Valentines day, I still love it. Love is one of my favourite things. As the beatles once said "all you need is love" and I really believe that's true. Whether you're spending the day alone or with someone else I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Elizabeth xx

Blazer: Forever21; Blouse: Topshop; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: Aldo

Monday, 11 February 2013

High Waists and Stripes

So normally I don't really wear high waisted jeans. Not because I don't like them but I always have trouble finding a pair that fit right and are comfortable. What I normally find is that either the waist is the right size and their too small at my hips or they fit right at my hips and are massive at my waist. Then, on one of my recent topshop excursions, I found this pair from topshop and fell in love. They fit me perfectly at the waist and they have a bit of stretch in them so they also fit my hips! I knew I couldn't leave the store without them and they were one of my favourite purchases that day. Hope you all had a good Monday!

Elizabeth xx

Sweater: unkown; Blouse: Topshop; Jeans: Topshop; Boots: Aldo; Mickey Mouse Necklace: Disney World

P.S. Did anyone else love Justin Timberlake's Grammy performance as much as I did? I can't stop singing this song.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Knits and Leopard

Hi there! One of my favourite things is putting together an outfit of entirely new clothing and wearing it out for the first time. There's something fresh and unspoiled that I love about a new outfit.You've never spilt food on that sweater or you've never fallen down the stairs in those shoes. Maybe I'm being superstitious but if I have a bad day in a certain outfit I don't usually wear that exact outfit again. Anyway, the point of that whole speech was that today I wore an outfit of entirely new clothing and I had that excited feeling I get when I left for school this morning. And guess what, I had a great day! I hope you all had a fantastic day as well.

Elizabeth xx

Sweater: Topshop; Blouse: Topshop; Jeans: Topshop; Necklace: Topshop; Shoes: Gap

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Haul: Topshop

Hi there! So I do this thing where I go to Topshop, spend a lot more money then I should and then I don't go shopping for the next four months. Then I go back to Topshop and spend a lot more money then I should and so the cycle continues. This has been a bit of a lazy weekend for me so instead of posting pictures of me in baggy sweats and band t-shirts, I thought I would share my most recent purchases from Topshop with you.

Details Clockwise

Details Clockwise

So that's everything. This was actually one of my smaller Topshop hauls, just to finish off the winter season before stores are filled with their spring product. Anything I didn't link I wasn't able to find on the Topshop website. Let me know if you liked this post so I make more in the future. Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth xx

Friday, 1 February 2013

Velvet and Stripes

I wore this outfit to get my exam results and I am now under the impression that it is good luck because I was ecstatic with all of my results. I would also like to take this time to reference something I said in yesterday's post. I had mentioned that I was hoping to study fashion management after graduation and today I got the news that I have been accepted to 3 colleges for their fashion merchandising and fashion management programs! So it looks like I have some decisions to make now but I can't wait to get going. Thanks for reading!

xx Elizabeth

Top: Aritzia. Skirt: Joe Fresh, Boots: Aldo, Purse: Steve Madden